Kristen (eurofag) wrote in charismaticons,

WWE & Other Icons + Update

[x]9 Random: Kenny, Lita, Melina, Molly Holly, Shelton Benjamin, Val Venis, CM Punk, Johnny Nitro, Cody Runnels
[x]6 Jimmy Wang Yang
[x]5 Layla El
[x]5 Torrie Wilson
[x]4 Paul London
[x]4 Rob Van Dam
[x]3 Victoria
[x]2 Mickie James
[x]3 Shane West
[x]Comment and Credit

Community Update*
Yes, I've decided to get the community active again. However, I will only be doing icons from time to time because I am running two fansites, as well as a design site where you can order things from me at low prices. You can check that out here.

Thanks everyone!
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Wowness. I love the Lita one. But overall; all the icons ROCK!(:
Thank you, that one's my favourite too :D
Nabbed the London and Punk ones. They're all awesome! :) Will credit when used of course.
Thanks! :)
Love them all
Might take the Shelton one
Awesome and thanks =)
they're all awesome :)
Thanks! :D
GREAT Icons ay awsomeeeee...wait is akio Jimmy wang yang???

and could you please make some Jeff Hardy ones?? plzzz i would dieee
Yes Akio is Jimmy Wang Yang. Thanks :]
wow, those are FANTASTIC. XD
i cant pick a favorite, there are too many i love!
awesome stuff.
Aw thanks that means a lot :)
Gorgeous! I love them all. I did take the Lita one and will credit if used.
Thank you :)
Snagged one of the Victoria ones, w/credit. :D