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Charismatic Icons - Closed [entries|friends|calendar]
Charismatic Icons

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Closing. [ Monday
August 6th, 2007]
I'm sad to have to announce that Charismaticons is closing. With school starting up, getting a job and training for wrestling soon, I won't have much time for the internet let alone graphics. I had fun here, and I'll still probably make icons but just for myself as I don't have the time. Thanks to everyone who's been loyal, the community will remain up, I just won't be posting anymore.

xoxo Kristen

* By the way this is EUROFAG, I got a new journal.

WWE & Other Icons + Update [ Friday
June 8th, 2007]

[x]9 Random: Kenny, Lita, Melina, Molly Holly, Shelton Benjamin, Val Venis, CM Punk, Johnny Nitro, Cody Runnels
[x]6 Jimmy Wang Yang
[x]5 Layla El
[x]5 Torrie Wilson
[x]4 Paul London
[x]4 Rob Van Dam
[x]3 Victoria
[x]2 Mickie James
[x]3 Shane West
[x]Comment and Credit

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Update on Charismaticons [ Friday
June 8th, 2007]

Hey guys.. I know it's been a while, but I just wanted to let you all know that Charismaticons is coming back!

More info on the community and an icon update are coming soon.
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Jillian Hall Layout For Sale [ Thursday
April 26th, 2007]


If you're interested, or know anybody who would be.. reply here.

Price: UNCODED: $8.00 CODED: $12.00

This was made by my friend Uriah, who gave me permission to sell it.
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March 29th, 2009]

Join to view the rest of the graphics.

Sharmell Icons Updated [ Friday
January 13th, 2006]

26-30 Sharmell Icons Updated:

- New Icons Are Coming Soon.

100 Matt Hardy Icons [ Friday
January 13th, 2006]

TapOut100 Challenge: Matt HardyCollapse )
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.. [ Tuesday
January 3rd, 2006]

Charismaticons is going on a hiatus. It shouldn't be gone for too long.
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New Layout [ Friday
November 18th, 2005]

New Layout

Go here to check it out. Comments are always appreciated :).

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[ Wednesday
November 16th, 2005]

A new layout is coming really soon. I also need more members, so please promote. The layout should be up by Saturday/Sunday as well as icons.

Eddie Banners [ Tuesday
November 15th, 2005]

I took the time to make some Eddie Guerrero banners today, for you to put in your userinfo and whatnot. This is just a little something to remember Eddie by. Before, I post, I need to express a problem. I've noticed a lot of people using my graphics, without crediting or commenting. If you are using my things COMMENT to let me know. It's really irritating me. And, you won't be able to get away with it anymore. I'm all over the place and I see everyone using them, so if I catch you, and I have caught a lot of people without saying anything, I will BAN you from looking at my graphics. I'm sorry, but it's rude to claim something as yours or not comment or credit. Thanks.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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That's all of the Eddie stuff I'm posting for now. More will come, sometime in the future maybe.

Carey Hart Post [ Sunday
November 13th, 2005]


Yes, more. I think this will be the last post containing him.

- 4 Icons
- 3 Signatures


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Eddie Guerrero [ Sunday
November 13th, 2005]

I have made 3 icons in rememberance of Eduardo Guerrero, who brought us so many great experiences on Smackdown!. He will be greatly missed by everybody.

You are welcome to use these, as long as you credit.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Rest In Peace, Eddie Guerrero.
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Poll [ Thursday
November 10th, 2005]

Who do you guys want to see more icons of? I will name people, so you can just comment on the choices:

1. TNA Wrestlers (Jeff Hardy, A.J Styles.. etc)
2. Past WWE Divas (Molly, Jazz & etc)
3. Batista
4. John Cena
5. MCR
6. Team Extreme
7. Papa Roach
8. Carey Hart
9. Kane
10. O.C Cast Members
11. House Icons
12. Desperate Housewives
13. Brad Pitt
14. CSI
15. Law & Order: SVU
16. Brody Dalle
17. P!nk
18. Lindsay Lohan
19. Jesse McCartney
20. The Undertaker
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Big WWE & Others Post [ Saturday
November 5th, 2005]


- 1 Batista Header
- 1 Trish Stratus Header
- 1 Angelina Jolie Header
- 1 Chyna Header
- 1 John Cena Header
- 3 Britney Spears Icons
- 1 Batista Icon
- 1 Eddie Guerrero Icon
- 1 Gerard Way Icon
- 1 Hardy Boyz Icon
- 1 Alkaline Trio Icon
- 1 Orlando Bloom Icon
- 1 Stephanie McMahon Icon
- 1 Bert McCracken Icon
- 1 Candice Michelle
- 1 Christy

Everything hereCollapse )

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12 WWE & Actress Icons [ Saturday
October 29th, 2005]


- 4 Angelina Jolie.
- 2 Torrie Wilson
- 1 Juventud
- 1 Candice Michelle
- 1 Melina
- 1 Stacy Keibler
- 1 Chris Jericho
- 1 Matt Hardy


[CREDIT]- walkwiththedead for a couple of her textures I edited.

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Resource post [ Sunday
October 23rd, 2005]

resourcesCollapse )

one last reminder! [ Friday
October 21st, 2005]

for those of you who may have missed it & the fact that the post was deleted,

i dont make icons here anymore, i have changed to my community rtdicons.

so if you're still interested, please join. my friend _newport makes things there with me, and we also fill custom requests.

it's been real, y0.

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[ Friday
October 21st, 2005]

New layout.

Well, they votes were all very similar but Christian won the layout vote, so here it is! I hope you all like it.

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Random WWE Icons [ Saturday
October 15th, 2005]


- 6 Stephanie McMahon
- 3 Rey Mysterio
- 2 Victoria
- 1 Charlie Haas
- 1 Triple H
- 1 John Cena
- 1 Rob Conway
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